VYC industrial presents its new range of Full lift safety valve with spring loading. (AIT)

NEWS 694

The valve Works as an automatic pressure releasing regulator activated by the static pressure existing at the entrance to the valve and is characterized by its ability to open instantly and totally.
Design in accordance with “International Standard ISO 4126-1:2013 Safety Valves”.
In accordance with the requirements of directive 97/23/CE.
EC valve verification certified by: TÜV Internacional Grupo TÜV Rheinland, S.L. CE 0035.
Type (Module D) EC examination report nº 33530455 certified by: TÜV Internacional Grupo TÜV
Rheinland, S.L.


  •  90º angular flow
  • Activated by direct action helicoid spring
  • Simplicity of construction ensuring minimum maintenance
  • Materials carefully selected for their resistance to corrosion
  • Internal body designed to offer favourable flow profile
  • Sealing surfaces balanced and making them extremely tightness in accordance with EN 12266-1 requirements
  • Great discharge capacity. For liquids typically used with openings similar to proportional safety valves
  • Auto-centering plug
  • Totally precise open and close
  • All the valves are supplied sealed at the set pressure requested, simulating operational conditions, and are vigorously tested
  • All components are numbered, registered and checked. If requested in advance, material, casting, test and efficiency certificates will be enclosed with the valve, and instruction manual in accordance with PED 97/23 EC


Operating conditions



· CLAMP ISO 2852:1993


  • Body Stainless steel (1.4408) and CLAMP Stainless steel (1.4404)

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