Partner Profiles


CSA produce quality European pressure reducing valves, flow control valves, FIRE HYDRANTS, air release valves for water & sewage & float valves. If you are talking about valves for aqueducts and sewers then CSA is your competent and reliable partner. CSA is a young and dynamic company which bases its growth on product quality and customer satisfaction. By means of advanced calculation software and a continuously research in the field, CSA is able to offer an exclusive technical support which is unique in the sector. A few years ago we established CSA HYCONSULT which offers consulting for all the problematic situations linked to water hammers.


VYC safety valves, pressure reducing valves. Valsar thermodynamic, thermostatic float and bimetallic steam traps.  VYC industrial, s.a. was organized in 1914. We are thus privileged in being considered one of pioneer companies in the design and manufacture of all types of intercepting and control valves for fluids in Spain.

The materials used to manufacture our products are strictly inspected and controlled. This, together with our advanced manufacturing system, permits us a comfortably meet the increasingly high demands of our customers.

Other controls and inspections are performed by such classification societies as Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, American Bureau, Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd, E.C.A. and others.

Without wishing a be conceited, but with a natural satisfaction, we can safely say that the future of VYC industrial, s.a. is assured, both at home and in the highly competitive international market, thanks to our firm will to progress and the exceptional people who make up our company.
What counts the most today is to have and to generate trust and confidence between our customers and ourselves. This trust and confidence is born and mantained because we create attractive products, offer competitive prices and provide the necessary information and services.

For all these reasons, the VYC mark, for our customers, is a symbol of full assurance on products of high prestige, acknowledged for their SIMPLE PERFECTION.


InterApp high performance, high purity wafer and lugged butterfly valves for the petrochemical and biotech industries.  Over the years, substantial investments in state-of-the-art assembly lines and sophisticated testing facilities have become a priority. This has enabled us to deliver products of the highest technological standards and has thaught our experienced staff to respond quickly to our customers’ needs.
InterApp and InterApproved products are manfucatured to the highest standards and comply with international rules and regulations.
From the centralised warehouse and distribution facility based in Italy, InterApp ships their products to customers around the world. Always on time. Any time, every time.
Worldwide leading companies such as Degrémont, Veolia, Hyflux etc. benefit from InterApp’s longtime experience, their expertise in engineering and manufacturing as well as their project management capabilites in the water treatment industries. Thanks to a sophisticated modular just-in-time manufacturing system, InterApp is capable of supplying their products individually adapted to customer specifications to any location in the world.

  • Waste water treatment (municipal)
  • Waster water treatment (industrial)
  • Water treatment and distribution (potable, industrial, pool)
  • Sea water desalination
  • Micro electronic (semiconductor, solar)
  • District cooling, heating systems
  • HVAC
  • Pulp and paper industries


CIMBERIO double regulating & commissioning valves. Automatic balancing valves, gate valves, y-strainers & lockshield valves. The fundamental strengths of Cimberio lie in the technical quality, which extends throughout its wide range. All the products –from gate valves and industrial valves, to ball valve for water vapour and gas, from press fitting valves and electro-actuated valves to ball valve bibcocks -are certified to the most stringent national and international quality control standards.

In this fulfilling wide range, some articles that will mark the technological horizon, due to the particular innovative qualities, should be pointed out: “”CIMPRESS””, “”CIMFAST”” and “”FILTRASFERA””. Such realities are the result of a continuos effort in the research and development of new solution and new products.

As such, every year 40 – 50 new products are presented on the market, very reliable products, which enable further saving, because for us, the technology als has the must to contribute to reduce the used resources, should these be natural or economical.


Válvulas Zubi S.L has been manufacturing valves since 1979, focusing its activities at first on the exclusive manufacture of diaphragm valves, a field in which the company has gained a prestigious reputation. Later, it expanded its production range and began to manufacture disk check and ball check valves also. It currently offers an even wider range of products which also includes knife gate valves, wall penstocks, channel penstocks and square knife gate valves.

Thanks to its more than 25 years’ experience and its ongoing commitment to improvement, Zubi offers its customers a wide range of products that enables all kinds of solutions for every conceivable need. The main characteristics of our valves are their high quality, their perfect watertightness and their ease of handling. This of course would not be possible without the collaboration of all our staff and the use of equipment and procedures that enable us to ensure both continuity and improvement, as well as the optimisation of costs.

This enterprise supplies a long list of customers including water treatment plants, the chemical industry, thermal and nuclear power stations, paper mills, conversion companies and the food industry, among others.

Our products are selled on both the domestic market and to various countries in Europe, Asia, Australia and America. It is currently in the process of setting up a world-wide network of sales reps.


HORA is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of control valves and actuators for power and building automation. Since 1967 we concentrate on one business: Designing, manufacturing and marketing of advanced technology control valves and actuators.

Because of the consequent follow up of our two business segments Building+Automation and
Power Technology we serve the customers‘ need of both markets very specific. In our division Building+Automation we develop and produce valves and actuators for HVAC applications and the process automation. The business unit Power Technology is specialised in severe service control valves for power plant technology. HORA as a private company is strongly committed to continuity and long term economic success. That is why we fixed the following mission:

HORA is a medium-sized, independent company committed to continuity and stability.

  • Satisfied customers are the basis for our success.
  • We support our employees and foster their development.
  • We always strive to act fairly, openly, honestly and dependably with everyone, both inside and outside our company.
  • We develop our key products ourselves.
  • All our strategic business divisions are equally important to us.
  • We generate quality by process reliability.
  • We aim to achieve an 8.5% profit as our operating result.
  • We reinvest our profits in the company.


Industrial range of weir type and straight through diaphragm valves. Various body linings and diaphragms available. Manual or actuatedDIAVAL INTERNATIONAL CORP PVT LTD is a global manufacturer of a selected programme of valves for the process industry: DIAVAL® Diaphragm Valves, UNIVAL® Butterfly Valves, DIAVAL® Swing flap check valves and DIAVAL® Fluoropolymer coated ball and plug valves. All products are designed and manufactured in conformity to the most stringent quality procedures relying on our knowledge being second to none in the polymer and Fluoropolymer international industry.We are present in almost all international markets, which are directly served from our own manufacturing facilities or through our Headquarters in Spain.


Industrial Plastics Specialists, supplying ABS and UPVC pressure pipe systems and valves with solvent weld and mechanical fittings.  We are proud partners with suppliers such as COMER, RACCORDPLAST, NATIONAL PLASTIC and the BISON GROUP, enabling us to offer one of the LARGEST RANGES AVAILABLE FROM STOCK. Our imperial and metric sizes of ABS and PVC are used within industrial, water, and waste water applications.  Within our vast 45,000 sq ft facility we hold  stock of pipe, valves and fittings.  We also carry an extensive range of accessories from pipe clips to flowmeters.  We are dedicated to our customers and the level of customer service we provide is SECOND TO NONE.


ASV Stübbe – Partner for Solutions
As an internationally operating company, ASV Stübbe develops, produces and markets valves, pumps and measurement and control systems. On an international scale, our products are implemented in environmental, chemical and surface technology wherever aggressive, corrosive and water endangering substances are handled according to the most stringent safety standards.

Our entrepreneurial understanding exceeds production and delivery by far. As a full service system provider, we offer comprehensive know-how to support planning and design concepts of entire systems. Before the background of increasingly stringent environmental directives, we optimise production processes on a world wide scale while our customers benefit from the low cost.


For over 70 years, Goetze KG Armaturen has been manufacturing sophisticated high-performance valves and fittings for media under pressure: liquids, air, gases and vapours. Under the management of CEO Mr. Detlef Weimann, the family-owned company, which is based in Ludwigsburg, has grown to over 130 employees. In July 2019, in fourth generation, his son Mr. Tobias Weimann became a member of the board, who successfully supports the strategy of market expansion. Goetze has made themselves a reputation worldwide with their high level of quality “Made in Germany” – more than half of the production is now exported.


Goetze KG Armaturen, Robert-Mayer-Strasse 21, 71636 Ludwigsburg, Germany