New HQ with Battery Back Up

We are pleased to announce the launch of a battery back-up option for our hugely popular 50NM HQ-005 quarter-turn electric actuator.
This added feature provides true failsafe functionality – without increasing the size of the housing – and is achieved with a set of high-quality lithium batteries which are constantly trickle charged ensuring optimum performance anytime there’s a power failure. The actuators can be easily set to fail closed or fail open and a charge-status LED clearlyindicates battery health.

We launched the innovative and hugely popular HQ-005 in 2017, and it remains one of the most advanced general-purpose actuators on the market.


Key features of the HQ-005 include:
– 50NM output torque
– IP67 Aluminium Housing
– High visibility beacon
– LED Status indicators
– Unique mounting system (F3/F4
– Manual override handwheel
– 4 off Limit switches
– Anti-Condensation Heater




A brushless motor ensures increased reliability and is contained within a small, compact
housing which is hard-anodised and powder coated. What’s more, a built-in electronic
torque limiter will automatically cut the power, if required, to prevent damage to the
motor. The actuator is available in either single-phase or 24VAC/DC and can also be
supplied with a positioner-card for modulating service.