New compact wastewater air valve anti-surge version SCF RFP 2″

23/05/2018compact wastewater

We are glad to announce the release of the new compact three functions anti-hammer wastewater air valve Mod. SCF RFP 2″. Provided with exclusive CSA RFP technology this units allows for backpressure during rapid filling thus avoiding spurts and unwanted surge events. The surge prevention system is activated automatically in case of excessive air flow. Exit only version is available as well as different solutions for the outlet threaded connection. The SCF RFP 2″ comes with extended body, on request, to reach higher pressure rating and provide increased air backpressure and safety air pockets in case of transients events. The low pressure sealing technology ensures a perfect operating pressure even at 0,1 bar, thus reducing the risk of seepage and failure in case of unexpected pressure variations.

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