Effective level control through ball float valves ATHENA


Athena float modulating level control valve, installed on the reservoir inlet supply line, has been designed to maintain a constant water level, regardless of upstream pressure fluctuations. The upstream pressure balanced self-cleaning piston technology allows for a perfect regulation of the opening percentage proportional to the consumption, with a dramatic reduction of standard maintenance costs.

Ordinary pilot operated valve may present problems like a minimum required upstream pressure, air accumulation on the chamber and piping, dirt accumulation on the filter, excess of maintenance and risk of failures of the diaphragm. The CSA level control valve Athena overcomes this difficulties with an innovative and simple single seated piston technology, and a three ways body allowing for globe or angle pattern applications.

The float and all internals are made in stainless while levers, that can be rotated from the valve’s axis for installation requirements, undergo anti-corrosion chemical treatments as a standard also available in stainless steel and different materials.

Athena’s body was studied to minimize noise and head loss and, thanks to the large expansion chamber, to provide an excellent resistance to cavitation in case of difficult operating conditions.

Athena float valves are used extensively in water distribution systems, irrigation, firefighting storage tanks, buildings and whenever the level control may be needed with reliable and long lasting performances.

A stilling tank or an inlet supply away from the float is advised to avoid water splashing and free surface turbulence, with unwanted and excessive water level oscillations.

More details about features and performances are available on the CSA web site.